Online Demo

Inverse [External] provides to the community an up-to-date demonstration installation of SOGo. It is based on the latest development version.

This site has been setup for people to be able to test SOGo without the need of installing it and all its dependencies. Three accounts are available: sogo1, sogo2 and sogo3. Their password is the same as their username.

Start SOGo 

Frontends Usage

Alternatively, you can access SOGo with a GroupDAV and a CalDAV client. A typical well-integrated setup is to use Mozilla Thunderbird [External] and Lightning along with Inverse's SOGo Connector plugin to synchronize your address books and the Inverse's SOGo Integrator plugin to provide a complete integration of the features of SOGo into Thunderbird.

To configure those plugins, use the same username and password mentioned above. The url to access the user's addressbook would then be (for sogo1) [External]

And for the remote calendar in Lightning : [External]

Please note that, for security reasons, you will not be able to send or receive emails from the outside world using this server. To test the email features of SOGo, you will need to access it through its web interface.