SOGo is in constant evolution but here are some features / ideas that might land in an upcoming version.

Address Book

  • Better management of contact fields (ie., unlimited phone numbers and email addresses, etc.)
  • Handling of contacts with social networks
  • Send contacts by mail


  • File attachments to events or tasks, with Lightning and Apple iCal support
  • RDF feed


  • Email identities support in the web mail interface
  • Encoding selection support when displaying and sending messages
  • Junk filtering capabilities with external hooks
  • Right to left typing direction support when composing mails
  • Attachment of the user vCard (à la Thunderbird)
  • Automatic attachment conversion (ie., Microsoft Word to HTML, etc.)


      • Addition of a full-featured monitoring interface with real-time statistics and actions about SOGo processes
      • Relayout the preference window
      • Rework the module toolbars and enable buttons to be "disabled" based on the selected UI object
      • Resource sharing between separate SOGo sites with some kind of cluster paradigm
      • Integration hooks enabling the possibility to perform system actions based on certain defined user actions
      • Command-line tool enabling to browse a SOGo site without WebDAV
      • Automatic update process for the database layout
      • Add a chat system
      • Add scripting capabilities using PyObjc (almost there!)
      • Locating CalDAV and CardDAV services over DNS
      • Handle RSS feeds like in Thunderbird (or in an even better way)
      • Port everything to Mac OS X

      Mozilla Thunderbird Extensions

      • Merge SOGo Connector and Integrator into one extension

      Interesting Endeavors

      Those are some interesting ideas - not all of them might be doable or even good for SOGo :

      • Merge the content and quick database tables
      • Replace SOPE-mime with Pantomime [External]
      • Replace most parts of SOPE

      Please share your ideas with us!