Why use SOGo?

There are a number of reasons why SOGo should be your preferred groupware solution over alternatives such as Microsoft Exchange or Zimbra.


  • SOGo and all its related components are entirely free and released under the GPL (or LGPL/MPL)
  • Other solutions, like Zimbra, offer limited branding capabilities when using the "free" version
  • Microsoft Exchange and Zimbra can cost between 30 $US and 115 $US per user, per year, for environments as small as 1,500 users. This means you can pay between 44,000 $US and 105,000 $US per year in licensing fees [External]. With the native Microsoft Outlook compatibility layer SOGo offers, you can connect all your Outlook 2003 to 2013 clients at no cost!
  • Other solutions that provide you with Microsoft Outlook compatibility require you to install and maintain complex MAPI connectors on all computers that use Outlook

Modern/Integrated solutions

  • SOGo provides you with a coherent environment with Mozilla Thunderbird and Lightning
  • Its web interface is simple and professional looking. AJAX is not over-used like other solutions, which makes SOGo's web interface very fast
  • Solutions like DAViCal or Apple Calendar and Contacts Server provide no Web interface and no support for Microsoft Outlook


  • SOGo supports and promotes open standards such as CalDAV, CardDAV, CalDAV auto-scheduling, WebDAV Sync, WebDAV ACLs and more
  • In SOGo, every single event, task, contact or email can be accessed through the DAV protocol. This provides excellent scripting capabilities
  • Apple extensions such as calendar colors, calendar delegation and more are well-supported, making SOGo a transparent Calendar and Contacts Server
  • SOGo allows any ActiveSync-compatible mobile device to easily synchronize mail, contacts, events, and tasks 


  • SOGo is very fast and uses few resources. SOGo is a compiled software so the required hardware footprint is very low
  • A single SOGo server can easily handle thousands of users
  • SOGo's speed not only comes from its elegant architecture but also from its use of an efficient and distributed cache mechanism

Ease of deployment

  • SOGo reuses your existing services such as Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP, your SQL database, or even your IMAP server. By reusing those, SOGo prevents you from time-consuming data migration or directory services data duplication or synchronization problems
  • If you have little or no existing services, ZEG can be used for immediate deployments. ZEG will get you running in minutes
  • SOGo provides you with migration scripts from existing solutions and more scripts are being added

Ease of maintenance

  • SOGo is available as packages for multiple operating systems such as Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS
  • SOGo is also under active development and update processes are trivial and can be done with virtually no downtime