Community support is offered through the mailing list. You can subscribe to it and ask questions related to SOGo.

The SOGo community is very large and active so do not hesitate to subscribe to the mailing list and ask questions. However, please make sure to respect the following guidelines when posting a new message :

  • search for existing answers — consult the archives or the FAQ for previously answered questions
  • do not hijack threads — don't generate a post by replying to somebody else's message and changing the subject and text; newsreader software will see your post as a part of the same thread and mix the two subjects, to everyone's confusion
  • send plain text message (no HTML or Rich Text) to avoid getting rejected by our spam filters
  • avoid replying to a message on top of the quoted text of the previous correspondence
  • be nice — you are in effect asking a large group of people to give you some of their time and attention; ensure that your message is relevant to as many of the people receiving the message as possible